My Frame of Mind emerges…

The idea for the “My Frame of Mind” project was hatched in conjunction with Steph Mackenzie of the Joint Health Improvement Team (Scottish Borders Council & NHS Borders) in early December of 2019, when Covid was little more than a grey smudge on an otherwise sunny horizon. The original idea pivoted around a central question: […]

Origami Christmas cards and festive centrepieces.

A Christmas whirlwind

December was a whirlwind month, during which time we made the most of our ability to meet up within the guidelines. Starting with the Busy Elves workshop extravaganza for children on the 30th November, which boasted seven separate crafting tables and a handmade wrapping paper stall, we didn’t take a moment for breath until we […]


Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival events At Birkhill House

I am so excited to be able to announce that we have three programme submissions for this year’s Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival (SMHAF): a 24-hour sponsored paint-a-thon, a project called ‘My Frame of Mind’, which will explore the festival’s theme of ‘perspectives’, and an up-cycling craft day, ‘Plastic Fantastic’. All three will be happening […]