Crafting Library

We have a little library!

Lots of arts & crafts books have been lying on the shelves here for years and so we thought it would be a nice idea to share them. It's a pretty lo-fi system: if you fancy any of the titles listed here or would like to swing by to have a browse, drop us a line and we will organise a time.

Any of the books you take out can be kept for up to three months. All we ask is that you leave your name and a contact number so that we can text you a reminder to return the book.

We also have a whole bunch of fibre-based magazines: Spin-Off, The Knitter and back issues of the Journal for Spinners, Weavers & Dyers. We haven't catalogued them in detail - that might be a job for a willing volunteer (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) - but, again, you are very welcome to schedule a visit to have a nosey through them to see if there are any articles that interest you or patterns that take your fancy.

If you have any crafty magazines or books you are looking to rehome, we would be glad to add them to our little library.

Happy reading! 




Alchemy Arts, recycling is chic

Kate MacKay & Di Jennings

Altered Books Workshop

Bev Brazelton

Animalium Activity Book

Katie Scott

Art and Craft of Paper Making

Sophie Dawson

Artist Trading Card Workshop

Bernie Berlin

The Art of Sugarcraft Piping

Norma Laver

Art Techniques for Texture & Effects

Paul Taggart

Ashford Book of Carding

Jo Reeve

Ashford Book of Projects for the Eight Shaft Loom

Elsa Krogh

Ashford Book of Textures & Towels for the Four Shaft Loom

Elsa Krogh

Basic Stained Glass Making

Michael Johnston

Beginner's Guide to Linocut

Susan Yeates

Beginner's Guide to Spinning

Hetty M. Wickens

Beningfield's English Landscape

Gordon Beningfield

Best of Weavers

Madelyn van der Hoogt

Bird Designs Stained Glass Pattern Book

Carolyn Relei

Blue Peter Here's One I Made Earlier

Valerie Singleton

Change The World For A Fiver


Christmas Things To Draw

Fiona Watt

Colour Perception: a practical approach to colour theory

Tim Armstrong

Complete Christmas Book

Jane Bull

Complete Stained Glass Course

Lynette Wrigley & Marc Gerstein


Kirstie Allsopp

Crafts Through The Year

Thomas and Petra Berger

Crease and Fold, Origami Projects

Sok Song

Create your Own Scrapbook

Anname Wolmarans

Creative Beadwork

Anne Hulbert

Cut My Cote

Dorothy K. Burnham

Dictionary of Stitches

Golden Hands


Mari Ono & Hiroaki Takai

Egyptian Carpets

Luanne Brown & Sidna Rachid

Embellish, Stitch, Felt

Sheila Smith

Fanciful Paper Projects

Sandra Evertson

Felt Sew Good

Christine Leech

Foundations of Weaving

Mike Halsey & Lore Youngmark

French Style Quilting Patchwork And Applique

Coran Octopus Limited

A Garden to Dye For: how to use plants from the garden to create natural colors for fabrics and fibers

Chris McLaughlin

Hand Art (ages 4 & up)


Handbook of Weaves

G.H. Oelsner


Various - Readers Digest

Hidden Threads of Peru: Q'ero Textiles

Ann Pollard Rowe & John Cohen

How to Draw Flowers in Simple Steps

Janet Whittle

How to Make Little Needle-Felted Teddy Bears

Judy Balchin & Roz Dace

I Can Draw Sharks, Whales & Dolphins

Terry Longhurst

Indigenous Vegetable Useful in Dying and Painting

John Rutty, M.D.

Introduction to Batik

Heather Griffin & Margaret Hone

Junk Genius

Juliette Goggin & Stacy Sirk

Little Felted Animals

Marie-Noelle Horvath

Little Tipi Book

Johnny Morris & Moy Mackay

Lost Crafts

Una McGovern

Making Pop-Ups & Novelty Cards

Trish Phillips & Ann Montanaro

Making Things

Ann Sayre Wiseman

Making Things Fun

Michael Brix

Mandalas adult colouring book

Karmin Creations

Man Is A Weaver

Elizabeth Chesley Baity


Harry Zarchy

Models from Junk

Brenda B. Jackson

Modern French Tapestries by Braque, Leger, Matisse, Miro, Picasso, Rouault

Sidney Janis Gallery

Mums Book (for the mums who's best at everything)

Alison Maloney

My Incredible Sticker Atlas

Garry Fleming

My Pottery World


Navajo Native Dyes - Their Preparation & Use

Nonabah G.Bryan

Needle-Felted Animals

Mia Underwood

Organised Fun For Kids

Josie Curran

Origami 1

Robert Harbin

Origami with Dollar Bills

Duy Nguyen

Painting Greeting Cards in Watercolour

Jacqueline Penney

Painting the Four Seasons: atmospheric landscapes in watercolour

Dale Evans, Wendy Jelbert, Aubrey Phillips & Timothy Pond

Paper Air Plane Book

Ken Blackburn & Jeff Lammers

Paper Planes with Dollar Bills

Duy Nguyen

Papercraft Of The World

Tracy Marsh

Pen & Ink Drawing Workbook

Rahul Jain

Plain Weave Is Anything But Plain

Leslie Voiers

Pressed Flower Pictures

Pamela McDowall

Scratch Boards (beauties ball)


A Season's Tale: Thirty five designed from ROWAN for men, women and children

Kim Hargreaves

Simple Stencilling


Spinning Designer Yarns

Diane Varney

Spinning, Dyeing and Weaving


Stained Glass Colouring Book

Chartwell Books

Stained Glass Course

Lynette Wrigley & Marc Gerstein

Stained Glass Craft Made Simple

James McDonell

Stained Glass Garden

George W. Shannon & Pat Torlen

Star Wars Craft Book

Bonnie Burton

StarWars Origami

Chris Alexander

Synthetic Dyeing for spinners, weavers, knitters & embroiderers

Frances & Tony Tompson

Teach Yourself Visually. Collage & Altered Art

Roni Johnson

Threads of Life: A journey in Creativity

E.A.De Stefano

Twist & Twine

Bobbie Irwin

Usborne Big Book Of Drawing, Doodling &Colouring

James Maclaine, Lucy Bowman & Fiona Watt

Usborne Big Book Of Holiday

Fiona Watt & Rebecca Gilpin

Usborne Big Colour by Numbers Book

Erica Harrison

The Watercolour Course: a step-by-step guide

Angela Gair

Weavers Companion

Presented by Handwoven Magazine

Weaving Without a Loom

Veronica Burningham

Weekend Afghans

Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss

What Shall We Do Today?

Catherine Woram

Wheels and Looms

David Bryant

Wildlife Adult Colouring Book

Stephanie Meyers

Wonderful Work of the Weaver

Lillias Mitchell

Wool Pets

Laurie Sharp

World of Beads

Barbara Case

Your Handspinning

Elsie G. Davenport

Your Yarn Dyeing

Elsie G. Davenport

Pamphlets & Journals



Book 1: Voluptuous Velvet by Jean Littlejohn

Book 5: Gardens & More by Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn

Book 13: No Stone Unturned: by Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn

Book 23: Fragile Fabrics by Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn

Double Trouble Enterprises

Dye Plants and Dyeing

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record Plants & Gardens

The Essentials of Handspinning

Mabel Ross

Indigenous Vegatables useful in dyeing and painting

John Rutty MD

Navajo Native Dyes: their preparation and use

Nonabah G Bryan

1: Dyer in the Garden

2: The Beginner Spinner

3: The Mediaeval Dye Pot

5: Knitting Handspun Yarns

6: Everything in the Kitchen Sink! Dyeing with Kitchen Waste

7: The Insatiable Spinner

8: The Dyer's Palette

9: A Shepherd's Miscellany

10: A Calendar of Common Dye Plants

11: The Foreroom Rug (pegging a traditional rug) 

12: The Three and Me Club: a "novel" way to learn to spin

Woolgatherings for dyers & spinsters

Complete quarterly series from 2010-2016, nos. 1-28

YarnMaker Magazine: Handspinning from fibre to textile

Your Yarn Dyeing

Elsie G Davenport


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