Adopt an Alpaca

What you get:

  • 12-month package, starting on the first of the month subsequent to your order date.
  • Certificate of adoption, featuring a picture of your alpaca and sample of his or her fleece.
  • A sheet containing fun facts about alpacas and a story about your adoptee.
  • Weekly photo of your alpaca, exclusive to you in the first instance, straight to your inbox. No one else will have seen it anywhere else until you have seen it first. Later, these may be used on our social media platforms or website to promote the good work we do here.
  • One face-to-face visit with your alpaca. If you are far away, we can facilitate your face-to-face meeting via Zoom, Facetime or another platform.
  • A present on your birthday and Christmas, both made from the fibre of your alpaca.

All for £150

Visit our alpacas here to see who is available for adoption.

Terms and Conditions

Our "adopted" alpacas continue to live with their herd here At Birkhill House; adoption does not mean that you actually get to take your alpaca home!

They are living, breathing creatures, which means that sometimes things can go wrong. All of the alpacas in our adoption programme are fit, healthy and well looked after but Mother Nature can sometimes throw unpredictable curve balls. We wouldn't want to raise expectations by assuring potential adopters that nothing could ever go wrong with your adopted alpaca. If anything were to happen, we would help you choose another member of the herd to finish your adoption period.

Funds generated from our adoption programme will be used exclusively to support the fleece & fibre programme here. This includes teaching traditional hand processing techniques, like skirting, picking, carding & spinning, and skills, like knitting, crocheting, weaving and felting, in as open and inclusive a way as possible.

Alpaca Adoption Enquiry Form


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